Sarah Daninthe

Join us today with our guest Sarah Daninthe, twice world champion and Olympic medallist in Fencing, who has transformed into a digital native, passionate about the world of start-ups and innovation.

. We will be discussing :

– Women in Sport Keeping focused and remaining at the top. The phenomenal discipline and the challenges to overcome. How to be a champion!

 – Benefits of Sport Disciplines for Business The lessons we can learn in business by looking at the discipline and dedication seen in sport

– Career Changes How we can transition these, the options open and  what people expect you to do

– Start Ups, Tech + Big Data The development and innovation, the possibilities for the future. What options are open to women in this field and how to make it!

– Sarah’s support for Premier des Cordées – Wonderful association for seriously ill and hospitalised children to bring sport into their lives

Listen to Sarah’s experience, advice and tips on Women in Sport, Sport Disciplines for Business + Career Changes, Start Ups, Tech and Big Data!



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Sarah Daninthe: A two-times world champion and Olympic medalist, transformed into a digital native, passionate about the world of start-ups and innovation. Mentor for startups week end and jury at events related to innovation, especially alongside Axel Lemaire, in charge of innovation and digital in France and Thierry Braillard, in charge of sport at the Ministry of Sports. Sarah is a strong supporter and actively involved in diverse topics such as: Representation of Women in Sport; Women in Digital Arena; Health and Sport in Our Lives; Reaching Your Goals…


Tulia’s social media and links:

Website:   Sarah Daninthe
Twitter: @sarahdaninthe
Linkedin: Sarah Daninthe
Instagram: Sarah Daninthe
About the association that Sarah supports – Premier de Cordee, you can find the links here.

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