Beth Bandler

Join us today with our guest Beth Bandler, chartered director, corporate lawyer, former C Suite Executive of global public companies, and company director.

. We will be discussing :

– Women working in very ‘male’ sectors. Mining and aerospace – do we have to behave like male clones or can we retain authenticity. Attitudes regarding targets, promotion and leadership.

 – Do we lose respect and femininity when working in traditionally male sectors. Can being a woman give us an advantage. Are there specific challenges to overcome? What companies can do to facilitate integration and equality.

– Differences between very industrial and luxury retail sectors. The differences you see between men and women in this and the opportunities available for both.

– Inspiration, enlightenment and awareness. How these change our life and what impact they have on our work and career

Listen to Beth’s experience, advice and tips on how to succeed and enjoy working in traditionally male dominated sectors!



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Beth Budd Bandler, is chartered director, corporate lawyer, former C suite executive of global public companies, and company director.  Beth’s experience covers manufacturing, diamond mining and aerospace as well as luxury goods (Harry Winston, Inc.) from corporate governance to mergers, to acquisitions to start ups. Beth currently is on the board of directors of Magellan Aerospace Corporation and is looking for another board appointment.


Beth’s social media and links:

Website: Bandler

LinkedIn: Beth Budd Bandler


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