Dr Becca Moore

Join us today with our guest Dr Rebecca Moore, perinatal psychiatrist who is an expert in Women’s emotional health especially with pregnancy and the early postnatal period as well as strongly supporting holistic choices including diet, exercise and avoiding drugs as a be all to end all. We will be discussing :

– How to support good emotional health, including reducing anxiety and stress. Is there more stress today than a few decades ago or is it just more talked about? What can we do about it?

 – The signs to watch out for… When is it all getting too much and you need to do something? Do we even recognise that we are starting to struggle with these issues, or do we overlook them simply because we don’t have time to think about ourselves

– The higher up the ladder we go the more we are put under pressure. In what way can we make it easier on ourselves? Holistically what has great beneficial effects?

– What extra issues and challenges need to be taken into account during the pre-and-postnatal period? How can we look after ourselves better during this time?

Listen to Becca’s experience, advice and tips on how to strengthen good emotional health and look after yourself well at all times!



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Dr Rebecca Moore is an expert in Women’s emotional health especially with pregnancy and the early postnatal period. She is a mother which continually informs her care and gives her a personal understanding of how women juggle demanding careers and being a parent all at once! Dr Moore is passionate about providing women with high quality informed care that offers a holistic choice including diet, exercise, hormones and/or therapy. Rebecca writes and speaks widely and her first book on reducing psychological trauma is due to be published next year. She works in the NHS and privately in London


Becca’s social media and links:

LinkedIn: Becca Moore

Twitter: @dr_bjm


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