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Some of my upcoming guests and what we will be discussing:

Some very interesting guests and great discussions on how you can really transform your life and focus your goals to go further, better, fitter, stronger and HAPPIER! Success doesn’t have to mean stress, pressure and endless putting out fires – Success can be healthy, holistic and, believe it or not, fun too!

Beyond the Bottomline...

‘Happiness Revisited – Its place, its form and its impact in, and on, all aspects of our lives.’

‘Want to be healthy? Health is in your genes! Epigenetics for a healthier, happier and longer life.’

‘Improving your mindset, being more positive and how meditation and grounded sleep can help!’

...Inspired Women

Building Confidence Through Effective Communication – Expressing with Conviction

Special Series ‘ Women Framing Their Future’

Episode 2: Reviewing Your Career – Looking to Change Jobs, Roles, even Sectors – or Realigning?

...2nd February (first Wednesday of every month)

‘Leadership development, projecting our presence and our changing priorities

If you would like to suggest a prospective guest, please email me on anna@annaletitiacook.com

Hosted by: 

Anna Letitia Cook

United Nations Women’s 2016-2017 Global Champion for Change @ Empower Women