Taciana Mello + Fernanda Moura

Join us today with our guests Fernanda Moura and Taciana Mello, (The Girls on the Road), creators of the Founders Project. Hear about their journey from corporate highflyers to travelling the world in support of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment.

. We will be discussing :

– Women’s Empowerment through Entrepreneurship. Why it is such an important and successful way for women to become empowered.

 – Different Countries’ Visions. How countries view women and entrepreneurship differently. Similarities and differences in the ideas or the ways of implementing them.

– Business Ecosystems. What are available today and how do these impact women entrepreneurs

– The Girls on the Road Documentary. The idea, the reports, the fabulous women’s stories and where/when it will appear (netflix etc)

Listen to Fernanda’s and Taciana’s experience, advice and tips on how flourish and be fulfilled at home and at work!



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Nowadays, Fernanda Moura and Taciana Mello (The Girls on the Road) like to present themselves as inspiration seekers, but not so long ago, both worked in multinational companies such as Deloitte and PwC. Fernanda is a lawyer, but she fell in love with the business world and from there, to start “consuming” and getting to know about entrepreneurship was a leap. Taciana followed the path in the Marketing & Communication fields, added some hints of innovation, design thinking and went on to learn from the startup world.  In July 2016 they started the Founders Project, which has traveled the world interviewing and learning about women entrepreneurs’ stories, and their ecosystem.


The Girls on the Road’s social media and links:

Website: The Girls on the Road

LinkedIn: Fernanda Moura     Taciana Mello

Twitter: @Girls_ontheroad

Facebook: The Girls on the Road

Instagram: The Girls on the Road

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