Tulia Lopes

Join us today with our guest Tulia Lopes, communication and women’s leadership expert and international speaker with a background in architecture and IT.

. We will be discussing :

– Assertive Communication for effective leadership . The areas we should focus on. How we can use communication and collaboration to become better leaders.

 – Challenges faced by ambitious women. Choices and priorities, how these can help define our careers

– Defining the level of leadership development to go to the top. How we can transition these and help others as well as ourselves

Listen to Tulia’s experience, advice and tips on communication, and collaboration, for effective leadership!



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Tulia Lopes believes communication is the key to develop and excel in any field in life. Her background in architecture gives her the skills to understand, connect and bring solutions to people’s needs. Her experience in leading positions in the IT environment, together with being an entrepreneur for over 15 years, motivated her to support women to have an assertive voice. In 2014 she founded the AWE Summit event to Give Voice to Women. Next September she will launch the Speak Up & Lead Academy, to foster Female Global Leaders. Tulia is the author of Leading in High Heels, and an international speaker


Tulia’s social media and links:

Websites: Tulia Lopes       Awe Summit         Speak Up and Lead Academy

LinkedIn: Tulia Lopes

Twitter: @TuliaLopes


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