Emeric Bastid

Join us today with our guest Emeric Bastid, CEO of GLS France, (Royal Mail Group) experience International Director for Europe, Africa with previous experience in LatAm, and a strong supporter of equal opportunites for women. We will be discussing :

– What a CEO expects from his team – the qualities and strengths fo make an impression and manage successfully.

 – Working internationally. The challenges and need to adapt when working across several different cultures all with different mindsets and ways of working

– Women’s strengths and qualities in business. How can this help gender balance and women’s opportunities in the workplace

– The Transport Industry and what it offers to women Promotion, flexibility, responsibility and opportunity

Listen to Emeric’s experience, advice and tips on what you need to get to the top and how transport can be a rewarding sector for women today!



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Emeric Bastid: CEO/Managing Director GLS France (Royal Mail Group). Experienced international Director for Europe and Africa, previous business experience LatAm. Main fields logistics and previously food industry. Specialist in areas – New product and national brand communication; Supply chain and flow just in time; strategic action through relevant segmentation; participative objective-based management of functional and operational teams, based on principles of action; careful resource management and optimisation. Strong supporter of gender balance and equal opportunities.


Emeric’s social media and links:

Website: GLS France

LinkedIn: Emeric Bastid


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